You Booked, Now What?
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there a security deposit? yes, a refundable $300 deposit is required, c.c or cash. $50 of this amount due at the time of booking.
  • Can I have someone captain my boat? yes, you can rent a captain for your trip for an extra price.
  • Do I have to launch the boat? yes although, an associate from FF4R can have the boat in the water ready to go for $150(retrieval included).
  • Is gas included in the price? no, that price will be determined at the end of your trip. Price is $25 per quarter tank. 
  • Who can drive during my boat trip? Only adults 25+ older with a valid driver's license on file with FF4R may operate the boat.
  • What should I bring? Bring more water than you think, snacks in sealable containers, sunscreen, towels, fully charged cell phone/charger. 
  • Can I bring alcohol on my trip? yes, there are no open container laws on the water. Although, the DUI laws are more strictly inforced on the water than on the road.
  • Does FF4R provide life jackets? yes, we provide life jackets and there is one floatable device. (By law, children 12 and younger must have a proper fitting life jacket on while on the boat). We encourage all non-strong swimmers to wear a vest while on the boat.
  • Does FF4R also rent water toys? not at this time, we encourage you to bring your favorite water toys.
  • Can I fish? yes, we plan on adding fishing boats to our flleet of boats but for now you may fish on the boats.
  • Can I drive the boat anywhere on the lake? no, watch for restricted and prohibited areas. These areas will be specially marked. Your rental assistant will go over those with you.
  • What if stormy weather ruins our day? We will offer rain checks in the event of bad weather.
  • Will my car or house insurance cover the boat? It depends, you would have to contact your provider.